It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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We feel it, we know it, and it has finally arrived; Holiday Season has started. We know what's on your mind "What am I getting them??"

Well no more stress, let's celebrate the good in fashion with love and joy just for you to spread with our top selling items! We've bundled up fun gift ideas from our shop to you, also list other Sustainable influencers who have gathered their favorites for this holiday season. 

We've gathered our top selling items that have been mentioned are great gift ideas, as well as new items added to the shop!



  • Symbology Infinity Scarves: Our favorite Symbology Infinity Scarves are as fashionable as protective for the cold during a camping trip! Variety to choose from for your gal pals or sorority sisters, each scarf was handmade and hand printed from women in India empowering others in the fashion industry. 

purse & clutch

purse & clutch

  • *NEW* Purse & Clutch Guatemala Collection: These graphic handbags and headband have the right size and idea for gifting! You can have a secret Santa based on those filled with goodies inside, or just surprise your best friend with matching headband. Best part they are also ethically made in El Rosario, Guatemala showing off hand looming skills into these cute bags and bands. 


We've gathered other gift guides to help celebrate this season!

Gift Guides for Ethical & Sustainable Goods


*This season we do understand due to tragic events life has given us, we keep our family and friends in mind and we must remember we DO have the power to make a difference becoming conscious consumers and responsible for ethical practices. With that being said, we wish everyone a safe happy holiday!*

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