New Year, New Beginning Progress

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Happy New Year! We made it! 2016 is finally over! 

Last year brought many joys (and many not so joyous moments) but with 2017 here we are excited, myself including despite my own political beliefs, the direction of how Shop Cali Rose is going it's onto the right start.



To kick off the year, Cali Rose is honored to be part of Sustainably Chic's 100+ Sustainable, Eco and Ethical Brands and Retailers to be behind 2017! <3  Natalie Kay mentions Eco and Ethical greats such as, Ethos Collection, Jewel Lotus, Brain Tree Clothing and more. Be sure to check it out! 



 Times are changing and consumerism is now picking up on Conscious Living and encouraging people to research who makes their clothes and if it's ethically made. It's the perfect time to spread awareness and love for this planet and slow down Fashion for the better. Sustainable Fashion is rising, more major retailers are picking up on re-branding their work in social responsibility by protecting the Planet's resource and the people who are on it. 

We will bring you (or maybe you already know them!) Sustainable brands that will join our tribe and emerging Artisan designers who show true dedication in quality and keeping ancient traditions or techniques alive in today's fashion. We hope that Together we can make a difference in the way we shop!


Let's create a world where we can all shop fair, shop with love, and shop for the future.



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